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My husband, Jess and I decided to create Prairie Protein simply because we want to share our product that we believe has superior taste and is raised in a natural environment. We are ranchers, so our grass-fed beef is readily available to our own family, but why not make it available for others who also want to live a healthier lifestyle?


Our ranch is located near Foremost, Alberta where Jess and I, along with his parents, own and operate a herd of red and black angus cattle. We have two future ranch hands who love to ride and help their dad and grandpa "check the cows."  Our vast acres of tame and native grass allow our livestock to graze freely and eat a natural diet in a stress free environment.



We strive for low stress handling practices, therefore our cattle are handled by horseback only (so you can say we are one of the few authentic cowboys left that do things the most natural way as possible- no ATV’s on this ranch!).

We are TRULY & HONESTLY Grass-Finished. Our Cattle are finished on grass/hay & alfalfa ONLY (this is difficult to do in Alberta because it takes much longer to "finish/fatten" on grass or hay, but we are committed to the process and its our promise to our customers that you will be getting 100% of the health benefits that LEGITIMATE GRASS FED beef has to offer.


Many other producers try to speed up the process by finishing with sileage, grain, or flax seed (hmmmm.?.?.?) 

We are a Local Family business, which means we operate very differently than other larger scale grass-fed farms.  We are literally involved from ranch-to-table.


When you choose our ranch to provide your family with beef you are helping our business grow and showing us that our communities really want Home Raised beef on their tables!

We know our customers & our customers know us! Why are you buying our beef? Are you trying to improve your health & fitness? Are you making an effort to support a local rancher, or do you just want some damn tasty beef!? We take every opportunity to interact with our customers about what it is that YOU want & Jess and I do our best to accommodate your needs.

Our goal is to provide you with high standard,home grown, quality beef that we pride ourselves on. We know you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Click Here & we will show you how we raise our cattle &  all the health benefits of our beef!

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