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Flavourful Fall Bundle

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A perfect variety of beef.
Cook in the crockpot on busy days, nourish the steaks in a savory marinating sauce, or brown ground beef for everyday dishes- This pack has it all!


5lbs Lean Ground Beef: 1lb each. The natural savory & robust flavour of this lean ground beef will add noteworthy credibility to your meal and wow your crowd!- Seriously, just read the reviews!-

4 Sirloin Tip Steaks: Naturally lean. These steaks are perfect for marinating and will be bursting with bold, full-bodied flavor. Perfectly aged for 21 days, these sirloin tip steaks are second to none. A great option for a casual steak dinner or for leftovers in a salad—all the flavor of a dry-aged steak in an everyday cut!

2 Stew Meat: approx 1.5lb each. Our Simplest meat to cook! Brown it, then let it sit in your slow cooker all day and by supper time it will fall apart in your mouth! You won't find better tasting stew than this!

1 Roast (3-4lbs): For the busy chef who still wants to prepare a healthy meal after a long day! Just set on low in the crockpot with 2 cups of beef broth for 8-10 hrs and you will come home to a fragrant house & tender, mouth-watering roast. ITS THHAT EASY!

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"My family and I absolutely Love all our different kinds of Meat we get from Prairie Protein! It is so flavorful and has little to none excessive fat when cooking it up. Tastes Amazing! We will Never go back to store bought Ground Beef!! Thanks Prairie Protein!!!" -Lindsay Wormley, Lethbridge

"My wife and I couldn't get over how amazing it smelled while cooking it up!"- Dennis Gyorkos, Medicine Hat-

"Once you try it you'll never buy beef in a store again! The quality of their meat is obvious the minute you cook it. Great people and great product. Support local -Grant McCrie, Medicine Hat

"It still amazes me that local beef like this gets overlooked so often, The quality and flavor of the beef far surpasses any store bought meat you will find and its clearly raised with care and genuine pride. If you are on the fence i highly suggest you give it a try as you will not regret it." - Dylan O'Shea, Lethbridge

I am not one to normally write reviews but I Highly recommend prairie protein!! I honestly can’t say enough good things about them!! They are the NICEST people. I have become a repeat customer because they care about their customers and the quality of their beef is 10/10. Being that there is no added hormones or antibiotics is a huge bonus!! The ground beef is honestly the best ground beef we have ever had! I love to cook and ground beef is something we tend to use quite a bit of with spaghetti, lasagnas etc and every time we open it to cook, you can just smell how fresh it is!! It smells amazing while cooking it! The stir fry beef is so tasty!! My kids loves the honey garlic sticks too!! I can’t wait to try more of their products! After eating their beef, I just can’t go back to store bought! If you have been thinking about getting beef from them, DO IT! -Katie Lawrence, Medicine Hat

All Our Beef is:

  • Home Raised
  • Dry aged 21 days to maximize tenderness
  • No added Hormones
  • Only finished on grass & alfalfa (that's our promise!)
  • Flash frozen after carving for perfect delivery
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
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We label all our products as "Premium" because when you eat our beef, we guarantee that you are eating a hand selected, healthy, prime animal.

Our beef is provincially inspected & certified for resale. It is packaged in brown butcher paper, or vacuum sealed (for certain cuts) & frozen.

All products are cut & packaged in a facility where common allergens are present. Please contact us for further inquiries.
*Cook all beef to temperatures recommended by the website*

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