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Small Roast (2-3lbs)

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Approx 2-3lbs lbs

For the busy chef who still wants to prepare a healthy meal after a long day! Just set on low in the crockpot with 2 cups of beef broth for 8-10 hrs and you will come home to a fragrant house & tender, mouth-watering roast. ITS THAT EASY!

A delicious meal when paired with potatoes and gravy


Our family’s personal favourite meal-Beef on a bun! (Cook roast until medium then slice thinly and place on low in crock pot with Knorr Au Jus Sauce... So easy and always a hit with everyone!).

If you aren't 100% confident cooking a roast, message, txt or call me and I will help you out :)

All Our Beef is:

  • Home Raised
  • Dry aged 21 days to maximize tenderness
  • No added Hormones
  • Only finished on grass & alfalfa (that's our promise!)
  • Flash frozen after carving for perfect delivery
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
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We label all our products as "Premium" because when you eat our beef, we guarantee that you are eating a hand selected, healthy, prime animal.

Our beef is provincially inspected & certified for resale. It is packaged in brown butcher paper, or vacuum sealed (for certain cuts) & frozen.

All products are cut & packaged in a facility where common allergens are present. Please contact us for further inquiries.
*Cook all beef to temperatures recommended by the website*

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