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Products & Pricing

We label all our products as "Premium" because when you eat our beef, we guarantee that you are eating a hand selected, healthy, prime animal. We want our customers to be 100% confident in our product, so we have gone to extra lengths to prove our transparency. If you are ordering bulk beef, you have the option to pre-select your animal from the "knowyourbeef" page.

We are proud of the product we raise & want our customers to know they are eating quality meat.


Our beef is provincially inspected & certified. It is packaged in brown butcher paper, or vacuum sealed (for certain cuts) & frozen.

*All beef products are grass-fed*

Pre-order your Beef before it sells out


image1 (1).jpeg
XTRA LEAN $8.99/lb (Order 15 packs & save $10) 
Scroll down to see Bulk & SAVE $
A staple for everyone's freezer. The taste of this beef will speak for itself! (check out the deep, rich colour- a characteristic of true grass-fed beef!)
Lean-1.5lb packs  XLean-1lb packs
stew meat.jpg
STEW MEAT   $9.99/lb
Our Simplest meat to cook! Brown it, then let it sit in your slow cooker all day and by supper time it will fall apart in your mouth!
1lb containers
stack patties.jpg
100% Beef with NO fillers! These premium 6oz patties stay moist & juicy, and are a quick, convenient option for any meal.
Pack of 8
meaty soup bones.jpg


Restocking Soon

We keep plenty of meat on our bones so you can make a hearty, beef filled soup.  Slow cook your bones to make a tasty beef broth to obtain all the health benefits! 
 approx 2.5 lb packages
BEEF JERKY  $5 (approx 50g) 
Large packs $12 (approx 110g) 
With a sweet & spicy flavor, this jerky is packed with protein & is the ultimate snack. 

Bulk Ground Beef $155


20lbs (approx 13 Packs each weighing 1.5-2 lbs)

beef sausage.jpg
A versatile sausage to eat with any meal. A perfect blend of beef, pork, smoke & spices that won't leave your pan full of grease!  (approx 800g)
HG Sticks.jpg
Save & order bulk pack $36
Our Personal favourite! Perfect for a snack, or to toss in the school lunch kit!
(approx 325g & 975g)
maple Sausage.jpg
This sausage has a smokey, maple flavor with a sweet taste. Made with a blend of beef & pork. (approx 800g)

For Your Pup!

Beefy Bones  $5 Bag OR $25 Bulk Bag
Your dog will be drooling over these! We take the leftover bones from our beef & package them to fill a large bag. We have bones for both big & little dogs. Not only are they a great treat, but they are packed with vital nutrients & help clean your pups teeth!




call, text, or email to order

***Create a custom order with a minimum of $100***

Sample Packs

Sample Pack A --- 1 pack Lean ground beef, 1 pack 6 oz Patties, 1 Sausage (choice) , Small Jerky  --- $59

Sample Pack B --- 1 pack Lean ground beef, 1 pack XLean ground beef, 1 Cowboy Sausage, 1 Maple Sausage, Small Jerky --- $56

Sold Out
Pre-Order for next batch

PLEASE NOTE: All of our products are processed in a facility where common Allergens MAY BE present: Eggs, Milk, Mustard, Peanuts, Crustaceans & Molluscs, Fish, Sesame Seeds, Soy, Sulphites, Tree nuts, Wheat & Triticale. If allergens are of a concern, please contact us & we will direct you to our processing facility.

Variety Packs

Fall Pack $79

1 Pack 6oz Patties

1 pack Sausage (choice)

2 packs Lean Ground Beef

Small Honey Garlic Sticks

 A Lotta Beef $127

4 packs Lean Ground Beef

2 packs patties

2 small Jerky

1 sausage (choice)

2 of everything $144

2 packs Lean Ground Beef

2 Packs 6oz Patties

2 Sausage (choice)

2 packs Honey Garlic Sticks

2 small Jerky

PAYMENT: We accept: Cash, Credit, Debit & e-transfer (2.5% added to total for credit card purchases)

* Prices are subject to change based on market*

click here for "Bulk Beef" pricing of Quarter, Half & Whole Beef

Bulk Ground Beef $155

Save $ 

20lbs Lean Ground Beef (approx 13 packs weighing 1.5-2lbs each)

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